4 Oct

1/2 cup low-fat cottage cheese

3/8 cup whole wheat pastry flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

4 egg whites, or 2/3 cup egg beaters

pinch salt

Tbsp splenda

3/4 cup cherries (fresh in season, frozen ‘sweet cherries’-no sugar added type)  If using frozen, partially thaw.

Pre-heat oven to 400.  Spray muffin pan with Pam or spray oil.  Mix egg whites and cottage cheese with a whisk.  Add dry ingredients and whisk in.  Divide evenly into 6 muffin cups.  Divide cherries evenly into cups.  Bake 30 minutes.  Should puff up quite a bit, will be golden brown and crispy outside, very moist inside.  I think they might puff up more if you use real egg whites, but they worked fine with the egg beaters.  Delicious.  And only 1 point each!

This recipe could be varied a million ways.  The original recipe was for savory muffins, with dried tomatoes, cheese and herbs added.  I might try the batter plain, and then make a fruit ‘syrup’ to pour over the top with some lite cool whip, for a great dessert.


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